Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Flight

Again? Already?

I swear--these pieces were written at entirely different times. It's just a coincidence that "Seat 13C" and now "Dakar 1989" ended up launching on the same day; both about air travel. "Dakar 1989" is a serial piece, with one 140 character section posting each Sunday for four weeks. The challenge was to write it so that each section could stand on its own--something I've been forcing my PicFic authors to do for two months. So I officially dedicate this serial story to Mel, David, & Ben for their bravery and dedication to duty. I'm feelin' you now!

I LOVE writing teensy-tiny stories, plot stripped naked. But it would be most decidedly UNCOOL to publish my own work at PicFic. So a double high-five to the editors of Nanoism for giving me a place to play.

And in the time you just spent reading this post, you could have read the entirety of the Nanoism archive. So fly! Be free! And don't forget to join me on Air Afrique.



Jessie Carty said...

amazing the themes that seem to come back to you ALL the time and you don't even know it :)

j said...

I know--very strange. Makes me wonder what else is lurking back there, ready to pounce!