Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dream Process

Ever start composing something in your sleep, wake up with lines, edit in your head for hours (even though you're desperately trying to sleep), finally drift off, and then a thunderstorm jars you awake and the whole process starts again?

It happened to me three days ago, but the lost sleep was worth it. Thanks to Junior and a mum-in-law's babysitting contribution, I got the sleep-sucking "Choice Cut" out of my head and into Camroc Press Review. That's right, from conception to publication in three days. I LOVE e-publishing!


Safety Goggle: "Choice Cut" at Camroc Press Review

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Friday, July 24, 2009


I have a new best friend as of yesterday. I met him in Keene, NH. Junior doesn't say much, but he's extremely comfortable to be around. Apparently he liked me, too, because he agreed to come home with me and help me conquer my summer-break block. Armed with my years-old flannel shirt AND my new friend sitting in my lap this morning, I've now got TWO rough drafts begging to play in my journal. So I'm off. And I'll keep you posted...


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blank Verse for Black Bear


You crossed my husband's path today, still small
yet without mum. When you were foraging
our maple woods, did you expect to see
the fireworks tonight? Poor thing. I watched
Steele Hill's spectacular tucked safe behind
glass panes and plaster board. I wonder if
you pressed your face in saturated loam
to hide from SPARK and BOOM--or if you stood
atop our granite clearing flanked by ferns
to watch those crazy stars come out to play.