Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bad Poet, Bad

I like quirky and odd. This was a problem in high school when conformity was the only way to procure invitations to dance. But now that I no longer have to worry about such trivialities, I can be as bizarre as I like.

Which is why I submitted two pathetic examples of my student poetry to Very Bad Poetry. Some people use screen names here, but I used my J Sudborough. Why admit these overly ing-y and alliterative works are mine? 'Tis a nod to my inner Sud--that barkingly eccentric piece of my DNA that gives me intellectual prowess on one hand & social anxiety on the other.

And, despite the editors' claims to the contrary, SLR has nothing to do with online gambling. Honest.


P.S. My DAR grandmothers will be thrilled when they see that Sugar Pop is Poem #1776;-)

Safety Goggle: "SLR" and "Sugar Pop" at Very Bad Poetry

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Friday, June 12, 2009


Disclaimer: this post is NOT about a newly published work.

Ever have one of those days where you think something really stinks, but it turns out to be fantastic? Well I did today. I had put off getting Folded Word's "fictitious business name statement" published in a local paper--not to the point of having to refile, but to the point that I had to drive to the county seat and coordinate it with the newspaper in person.

I hate to drive, especially on the freeway. I hate to drive more when my son has to tag along. And I really hate driving once I realize I forgot to look up directions.

But the address for the newspaper was on High Street. So all I had to do was park and walk until I found the right number. And that's where the serendipity part comes in. While my son and I were waiting for a light to turn, we found Winston Smith Books. It smelled like home. Light poured in the storefront windows and warmed the hardwood floors. Books lined tall shelves, neatly tucked in and NOT smelling of yellowed paperbacks. They even had rare books locked behind glass-front cases. And a stairway to the poetry section, tucked on a balcony overlooking the scene.

There, I found Chaucer: Sources and Backgrounds for only $5. They also had a massive comics section, which is why my son gave me time to find it. Now I'm hooked.

If we ever do a print book through Folded Word, I'm launching it there!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

In League with Women-Writers

I've never been a big one for feminist ideals. Though I enjoy my right to vote and my access to education, the truth is I could have been happy 1000 years ago milking cows and sewing my own wimples. Actually 1000 years ago I would have died at age 11 without becoming a woman, so I guess it doesn't pay to play "what if."

Still, I am so jazzed to have my work included in I Can't Be Your Virgin and Your Mother. Crytal Folz, the passionate editor of the collection, caught me by complete surprise when I submitted to another of her projects. Her goal? To collect as wide a range of poetry's underground female voices as possible, speaking as candidly as possible. She's certainly succeeded.

Not only do I have four poems in the collection, but a two-paragraph first-person bio (very intimidating to write). If you're brave enough, check it out on page 29 along with my poems on pages 30-31: Wish I Did, On Our Anniversaries, Puzzle Child, and For a Moment She Lets Him Go.

Limited edition print copies are available. If you're interested, the ordering info is on the Shoots and Vines website. I might even sign my pages if you're nice to me;-)

Safety Goggle: I Can't Be Your Virgin and Your Mother

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