Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bad Poet, Bad

I like quirky and odd. This was a problem in high school when conformity was the only way to procure invitations to dance. But now that I no longer have to worry about such trivialities, I can be as bizarre as I like.

Which is why I submitted two pathetic examples of my student poetry to Very Bad Poetry. Some people use screen names here, but I used my J Sudborough. Why admit these overly ing-y and alliterative works are mine? 'Tis a nod to my inner Sud--that barkingly eccentric piece of my DNA that gives me intellectual prowess on one hand & social anxiety on the other.

And, despite the editors' claims to the contrary, SLR has nothing to do with online gambling. Honest.


P.S. My DAR grandmothers will be thrilled when they see that Sugar Pop is Poem #1776;-)

Safety Goggle: "SLR" and "Sugar Pop" at Very Bad Poetry

(think before you read)
my content = TV-G
other content = TV-14 (D L S V)


Mel Bosworth said...

Very GOOD poetry, J. Congrats to you.

And who doesn't like haiku?

See? You poet.

j said...

I think you're biased. But I'll take it;-)

Jessie Carty said...

too funny!
i actually have a few old high school poems around..oh goodness..would i dare!

j said...

Do it! You can always use a screen name. I think the other poems on there are such a scream. I think it's a great place for poems that have been rejected 20+ times--like if you ramped up some element once you've given up on them. Make it good by making it over-the-top bad. But then, that's quirky me.