Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tilt at 50 to 1

1066 field at Battle AbbeyAfter two weeks of sinusitis and migraine, I felt like my head was under water. So it's funny that my latest story, Tilt, just made it into today's 50 to 1 issue, appropriately dubbed Head Under Water. I am pleased to share this issue with Judith Kelly Quaempts, Jon Harahan, Elizabeth Wylder, and more.

I've been fascinated by the concept 50 to 1, ever since I read Mel Bosworth's first line & 50 word story there. Since that introduction, I've enjoyed reading the brilliance of Ben White, David Erlewine, Ethel Rohan, Craig Lamont, and and and... If you've never crawled around over there, definitely dive in. It's worth the squeeze into your swim suit.

Many thanks to Glen Binger for giving Tilt a home AND writing me the most detailed acceptance letter I've ever received. It's now printed and glued into my journal. Thanks also belong to the Show Me Your Lits krewe, as this is another gem from my playtime there. It's good to be breathing again!


Safety Goggle: Tilt at 50 to 1

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Teresa Houle said...

Congrats Jessi! Awesome news. I haven't had the chance to check them out yet, but I definitely will.

j said...

Thanks Teresa. Let me know the week you're going to play. I'll be sure to join you. Maybe we can even make sure Kaolin is on that week...

Glen Binger said...

Thank you for submitting! Good work!

j said...

Cheers, Glen!

Mel Bosworth said...

yikes. sad and lovely, j. many congrats.

j said...

Thanks, Mel. Are you feeling stalked yet? I seem to be following you everywhere;-)